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Elevating Holiday Home Bookings in 2023

The year 2023 has witnessed a surge in holiday home bookings across the Chicago. As a holiday home owner, it's time to prepare for a bustling season and ensure your property listings shine.

Captivating Holiday Home Guests with MarkWay Photo & Video

When potential holidaymakers seek the perfect getaway, your property gallery becomes their window to paradise. Whether you own a charming cottage, a self-catered apartment, a serene countryside villa, or a coastal haven, your online imagery is your most potent tool.

In an increasingly competitive Chicago holiday home market, where many seek to recover from the challenges of 2020-2021, your visual content must stand out. It should entice customers and persuade guests to choose your property over local and national alternatives.

Optimal Timing for Photography

Why wait when the opportunity is now? With your property currently vacant, you have the ideal window to plan and execute the perfect property photoshoot. No need to delay until your rooms are bustling with guests – seize the moment while your property is pristine and distraction-free.

Besides, it adds a delightful change of pace to your routine.

Enhancing Your Holiday Let Bookings: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Evaluate Your Existing Imagery: Your imagery forms the foundation of a guest's initial impression. Regularly review your image gallery to ensure it effectively conveys your property's unique charm and atmosphere. If your images don't swiftly answer crucial guest questions, it may be time to refresh or expand your gallery.

2. Draw Inspiration from Fellow Owners: Success leaves clues. Instead of experimenting with costly advertising, learn from accomplished peers. Explore the marketing strategies of other holiday home owners and entrepreneurs to craft compelling advertisements for your holiday let.

One efficient method is to utilize Facebook's ad library. Here, you can find live adverts from competitors or fellow holiday lets, gaining inspiration and insights into effective campaigns. While imitation isn't encouraged, learning from proven strategies can be invaluable. Analyze the frequency of gallery updates and the quality of images, as they play pivotal roles in occupancy rates.

3. Engage a Seasoned Photographer: Regardless of your photographic skills or camera quality, professional photographers offer unparalleled expertise. Ensure you collaborate with a qualified photographer specializing in property photography. When choosing a photographer, consider:

a) Experience and Portfolio Assess their portfolio and track record to understand the expertise and style they bring to the table.

b) Creative and Innovative Creative photographers with extensive experience can capture attention and boost bookings. They can offer valuable advice on optimizing your property for photography.

c) Fair Pricing Quality often aligns with pricing. Avoid the cheapest options that may compromise quality. Seek a fair balance between affordability and professional quality.
4. Compile a Comprehensive Shot List: Maximize your gallery's potential by preparing a list of essential shots. Highlight unique features and selling points. Capture the ambiance, history, and culture that make your property appealing to guests. Ensure exterior shots showcase your property's curb appeal.

5. Prepare Your Property: Ready your property for a photoshoot to create a stunning gallery that boosts bookings.
Consider the following tips:

a) Declutter the room: Remove distracting items like fire extinguishers, safety signs, leaflets, and bins.

b) Conceal cables and wires: Hide electrical cables for clean, unobstructed images.

c) Tidy the room: Clean window blinds, beddings, curtains, and other surfaces. Present well-tucked beds.

d) Lighting matters: Optimize natural and artificial lighting for inviting images.

e) Vary your photos: Capture images from different angles and lighting conditions. Highlight interior lighting during twilight shots.

f) Enhance outdoor spaces: Trim gardens, arrange exterior furniture, and ensure functional external lighting.

g) Tailor room decor: Customize room decor to cater to your target audience, whether newlyweds or families. Avoid overcrowding with kid-friendly amenities.

h) Evaluate the shots: Be discerning in your photo selection. Solicit feedback from friends and family to identify standout images.

Simplifying Your Photography Needs with MarkWay

Navigating the world of photography can be daunting. MarkWay Photo & Video simplifies the process, offering expertise in crafting high-quality visuals that set your property apart. Your journey toward increased holiday let bookings begins with us.

Booking Your Holiday Home Photography

Social media has emerged as the primary marketing platform across industries, including travel. It prioritizes imagery, making it essential for holiday home owners. If you are considering professional photography but are overwhelmed with preparations and bookings for your property, please contact me. I provide turnkey photo processing and editing solutions to deliver a seamless experience and high-quality, stunning images to help you book your holiday home.
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